We'll cut your Buck for a little Doe.

2800 Nicodemus Road, Westminster, Maryland 21157, United States


You always get your deer back. Veterans get A Discount.


Chuck  & Burnie's started with two old friends who are avid sportsmen.  Hunting, fishing and camping are their passions. That tradition has carried over to their kids. C & B brings nearly 40 years of meat cutting experience to the table. We are Safe Food Handling certified. We also have a top of the line sanitation system in place to protect your product from contamination. We offer a 24 hour 7 days a week refrigerated drop off.  If you would like  something special that is not on the menu, give us a call. We can do everything from french racks, crown roasts for the holidays, boneless seasoned tied venison leg, bone in double cut rib chops, back strap butterflied seasoned tied and much more.