We'll cut your Buck for a little Doe.

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Steps to take before bringing the deer to the processor

All deer should be field dressed immediately after the kill and packed with ice if the temperature is above 40F. Pathogens multiply at a very high rate between 40F and 140F, this is considered the danger zone and could make you  sick.

Field Dressing

Please have your deer field dressed, as we do not field dress deer. When field dressing your deer, make sure to empty the chest cavity, remove the bladder, udder and rectum. Please do not skin your deer, because we have a system in place that keeps your meat clean. All damaged meat will be trimmed away and discarded.


You must have your confirmation number, as we cannot process your deer without it. You can get this online or over the phone. Check your DNR handbook for the number or website. The average yield on a deer after it has been field dressed, head off and skinned is usually around 40% to 55% depending on the damage from the kill.